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Professional planting, kept in vibrant condition transforms any office. More and more companies in Swansea and Cardiff are now recognising the benefits that plants bring to the workplace. The positive difference plants have on the feel of an office is obvious, but there are wider benefits. Studies have shown that plants clean the air around them, they improve well being and boost productivity. There are two main reasons for introducing interior landscaping.


1.Gives that great first impression to visitors and pride to employees. The planters and the plants play a key role here, that’s why we only use top quality planters, working with you to select an appropriate design. Inspire your staff to achieve excellence by the example you set in the workplace. You may choose to use planters as barriers and we have planters made for this exact reason, combining practical use with a stunning office feature.


2.Improves air quality, our modern offices with mass production melamine desks, suspended ceilings,  photocopier circuitry, computers all release PCBs and Volatile Organic compounds into the air, to compound matters many offices don’t have operable windows anymore due to modern building practices or being City based where the noise and pollution is unwelcome. The Plants absorb and hold many of these, and go further - diluting them by releasing oxygen, and of course metabolising Carbon dioxide.


We can help you make the best possible use of the space and conditions available. You could go for containers that will wow your customers as they arrive, or discretely enhance wall art and information panels. We can provide elegant desk top plant displays for the reception desk or exotic orchid bowls that really set the tone.  If your reception area will not support natural plants we can provide the best replica plants on the market. Even on very close inspection it is very hard to tell the difference between our artificial plants and the natural ones.


How to care for plants in your offices


Proper maintenance of your office plants is vital as you want them to look great. Sadly many people are put off indoor plants from not being able to keep them alive at home, we’ve all been there ! However, with professional training and over 15 years experience, we know which plants thrive in which areas. Areas vary in terms of disturbance, temperature, light levels, humidity levels and so on.

Options for having plants in your Swansea or Cardiff offices : -


Rental with full maintenance where you hire the plants and we take care of everything for you.

Purchase only where you buy the plants and look after them yourselves

Purchase with maintenance where you buy the plants, but leave it to us to look after them for you. Replica plants require less maintenance but are very useful in key areas within a living foliage display

We can help you to devise the best scheme for your workplace. This might include both natural and replica plants.

Get in touch with us to see how we can make your office an even better place to work!


Indoor Plants


The right office plants will have a positive psychological impact that boosts our sense of well-being. They can improve air purification and increase oxygen levels in the air, which can have a positive impact on our health. So the best indoor plants look fantastic and they are good for our health.


Indoor plants need the right conditions to thrive. This includes the right soil mixture, the correct nutrients the appropriate humidity, and ambient temperature and the right level of light. We are experts in matching the right plants to the right conditions ,  it’s a bit more complex than putting a Yucca in the corner, a plant these days with the range open to us we rarely use. Contact us now to see how we could help you to create a more attractive and a healthier environment.


Plant Containers


Officeplants wales are experts in our field with years of experience of interior and exterior planting solutions. Officeplants offer a wide range of  containers., so no need to go elsewhere, but we do more......, whilst other officeplant companies have access to the same suppliers for pots and containers, we also manufacture bespoke planters using wood, steel and acrylic from our workshop in the Welsh Valleys.


All our planters take into consideration the complexity of design expected, the rooting space required for the scale of planting, the footprint available, stability, you don’t want a top heavy display in a public location for example. Finally of course, we look at how exterior units will tolerate weathering and sadly vandalism and theft. So its a combinbation of customer expectation, safety, practical and good for the planting scheme.

The range of planters from high gloss acrylic to aluminium chequerplate comes with a range of budget, the designs may incorporate a grouping of different sized units of the same design, we can achieve so many options.  We can even personalise and use PVC WRAPS to fully integrate units into your corporate theme.

Plant Maintenance & Care


Other office plant supply companies will claim to offer you free choice over planting, even without visiting your premises.  This can result in the wrong plant is in the wrong place. They’re simple back position is to send out the less interesting hardy plants that aren’t very inspiring.  Our tailored approach takes time, and expertise. Real plants need regular attention or they can soon suffer and lose their appeal. A wilting plant in your office will not create the right impression with your guests and visitors and certainly won’t send a positive message about your business, It is essential for your plants’ health that they receive proper care and attention,

Every plant species requires different conditions and care. We recommend maintenance options to avoid the disappointment of dying plants within a month or two of purchase. We have bases in Swansea and Cardiff , The key services we offer in office plant rental is as follows


Initial detailed on site survey looking at light levels, humidity, disturbance and customer aspirations, following this devise a tailored Design and maintenance package to be undertaken by our qualified and experienced team.

ALL our team are partners in the business, we all work part-time flexible hours to ensure capacity for the unexpected. We genuinely care about the service we offer, we can’t afford not to as we only work in Wales, our reputation is everything to us.

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