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Once installed , the plants are maintained on an appropriate cycle, typically this is every 14 TO 21 days for a full service plus adhoc call in checks when we are in the area. Maintenance includes Cleaning, watering, soil top up, feeding, pruning, pest control and where required free plant replacement.


The selection of plants for the right environment is a vital ingredient to a successful installation. We would love to give our clients free rein in plant choice, however the reality is that there are limitations to choice in a particular area of your offices, the design service will get a steer from the client about size, variance within the scheme and overall impression desired. From there we will make recommendations that work with your colour schemes and expectations. We DO NOT have a standard formula of low maintenance plants, we have a vast knowledge of indoor plants and order in the best plants to enhance your environment. We utilise the widest range of plants within the industry due to our professional horticultural training and experience of all our team, using over 50 different species.


We DO NOT tie you into an onerous 3 year contract. All we use is a simple hire agreement , we purchase and install the units AT OUR EXPENSE, you hire them for as long as you wish. Due to the intial expense we do ask for a sliding scale of termination notice or payment in lieu. For example within year one 6 months notice or payment in lieu, Year two 3 months, year three and onwards 1 month. This simply avoids anybody taking advantage of a low ongoing rental fee for a short term hire. Beyond that the hire agreement asks things like don’t move the plants outdoors and they remain our property etc etc , A copy can be supplied during the quotation and specification process. It’s very simple and clear.


We are exclusive to Cardiff , Swansea, Newport and the Valleys.

A genuinely local firm

We are one of only two indigenous Interior landscping company in Wales, others are branches of national firms or local franchises that we see time and time again do not equal us in terms of committment, price or quality of plants and planters.


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